About us…

My great-grandparents walked this property in 1906.  They purchased one small parcel of land and began clearing the land for their use in 1914.  They named the farm Hill and Dale because of the way nature mapped it out.  We have been here ever since, learning from nature, working with the land and the seasons, enjoying what is here and what we grow, raising our families to respect the land and nature.

We are about quality,  integrity, old fashioned values and living the life we were all meant to have.  Do you ever wonder what happened to those times, when people lived in peace and harmony with nature?

In 2014 we celebrated 100 years of continuous family farming on the land.  We are now at our 5th generation!!  We continue to develop ways that people can experience the beauty and peace that we take for granted, and make sure the soil we grow on continues to deliver the most nutrient dense food available.  In 2020, we added a Strawberry U-Pick to enhance the market garden of vegetables available, with a small farm store. 

At Hill and Dale Farm we endeavor to live with the wisdom of the past and an eye on the future.  We grow produce and raise livestock with great respect for the life within them and our place in the world.  Our footprint is small and we aim for minimal impact, adding to the world rather than taking away.

We offer many seasonal activities on the farm for those wishing to learn about farm life, raising animals, growing and preserving your own food, and wild foraging, among others.  See our other pages for CSA shares and events.  sunset 3

Extended farm visits can be arranged by special notice.  If you have questions please email smileyo@xplornet dot see eh

7 thoughts on “About us…

  1. We visited you at the SA 2022 Farmers Market today. We are interested in moving out of the city to an intentional community and in learning more about your courses. Dan 780 952-5175

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