We are no longer certified organic but our growing techniques and ideology remain unchanged. The cost in time for record keeping and fees made it unaffordable for our operation but we remain responsible growers, believing in delivering quality food to folks looking for it.

Shares in Hill and Dale Farm have been evaluated and decided for this year.  We will be handing out information in April for the coming season for pick-up in Edmonton.  If you are interested in shares please contact us as soon as possible by email or phone.  Thanks to all interested.

2 adult weekly share for 12 weeks – $550, meat share extra $150 (beef).

4 person (family) weekly share for 12 weeks – $750, meat share $300 extra (beef). This includes farm visits to help with chores, if not $300 extra will be added.

Egg shares, 12 weeks of delivery, 1 dozen, $65

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Prices:  All hamburger packs are $8.50 per pound

Steaks except porterhouse are $10.00 per pound, porterhouses are $12.50 each. Roasts are $10.50 and up a pound.  2-3 pound cuts.

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We are doing a meat packs now!  50 lb. packs of beef consist of 30 lbs of ground beef, and the rest of the share is roughly 6 steaks, 1-3 roasts and other cuts to make up the difference.  All is excellent tasty grass finished lean beef.  We have soup bones available separately.  A 50 lb. order is $8.50 per pound.  It fits in most small freezers and supplies you and your family for a long time. All our beef is hormone free and raised with love.  Packs are available for pickup or delivery at an additional charge. SORRY SOLD OUT. Contact us tone on the future delivery lists.

A mixed share consists of garden produce and meat and will reflect that.  It will be about 20 lbs. of mixed garden produce in season and available meat delivered biweekly in Edmonton or Spruce Grove as arranged.  Shares are enough to feed a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children under the age of 10).  Share prices are set to $1050 and includes the families participation in farm planting, weeding and harvest.

Please contact us for further details at smileyo at xplornet dot ca.  Thanks,  Denise

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