Festivals and Events

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Look Familiar?  We are among those who use a cell phone, of course, and it is hard to get away from not using it.  There are even syndromes identified for those who have addictions to cell phones and social media.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could spend some time away from the phone and challenge ourselves by that experience?  We are offering electronic detox events on the farm in the summer, where you can come and spend a bit of time (up to you how long) to be away from the phone and the pull of that online screen. We will offer one in July every year.  If you are interested email us at hillanddalefarm at gmail dot com.

We are also offering courses on food foraging in the wild, wild mushroom identification and use including tincture making, wild herb and plant identification walks, planting and growing vegetables, harvest canning and freezing workshop including dehydrating fruits and vegetables and seed saving techniques and workshops throughout the growing season to come out and just be a farm helper for the day.  We re conducting greenhouse growing workshops, how to grow organically, how to build off grid, alternative building techniques, etc.. Bird watchers are also welcome with a prearranged event date.  Contact us at the above website for more information.

We are working on setting up mini homestead type locations and community garden spaces for rent around the farm where you can come and experience either just a farm stay and see how its done in the peace and quiet, or actually try your hand at being a farmer for a day or a weekend with a small plot of land and a few hand tools.  Accommodations range from rustic to comfortable and we are close by.  Call us if you are interested as accommodations are ever expanding.  780-785- two 622

It is our goal to have artist retreats and yoga workshop weekends on the farm as we are blessed with a beautiful site close to a lake with no traffic, only wildlife, wild woodlands and fields as far as the eye can see.  IT is a paradise and the perfect site for yoga and art.  Keep posted.

We are expanding the fields and working on the soil to provide the most nutrient dense food available.  We will be offering limited farm shares this year, so call early for the best produce.  We also have a Strawberry UPick during July and August with fresh farm produce as well.  Our farm store will be open while produce is available.  PLEASE CALL AHEAD AS WE SELL OUT FAST!!  780-785- two 622, or check here before you drive out.

If you are into locally grown food, check out this site and film….


Sure to be an eye opener!


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    1. We are in Cherhill. 56417 RR 51. Google maps A’Bunadh Seeds. It will come up. Alternately we are off hwy 43 N, go to RR 50 turn North off the highway 2 stop signs, left one mile to RR 51, North follow the signs.

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