Strawberry U-Pick


With winter losses, late planting, early excess heat and drought, and a labor shortage we are having very few berries so far.  Best thing is to call ahead and stay posted.  We are hoping to have berries in late August and into September.  We are working on jams, hot sauces, teas and other things to supply the farm store and as always have beef and chicken.  We also will have tomatoes, potatoes and peppers in late fall.  Thanks for your patience.

Rules for Strawberry U-Pick

  1.  Strawberry plants produce big and small berries.  We expect all guests will pick all berries that are ready, large or small.  We thank you for this.
  2.  Guests will be expected to respect social distancing rules while on the farm.  This means in the field and especially at the farm store when paying for your berries.
  3.  You may bring your own pails or containers to pick into.  We have limited supply and do not believe in plastic bags.  Please bring your own.  We have cardboard boxes at a cost of $3 each.
  4.  We will be open for picking TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY from 9 to 4. We may sell out before the end of the day or have more berries available on alternate days. Stay tuned through this website or by calling us on the phone.
  5.  Kids will not be allowed to play on the field at any time.  Pets are not allowed as we have farm stock nearby.  All children they will have to remain under the care of another adult who will not pick strawberries.
  6.  Elderly and disabled persons can pre-order picked berries at 780-785-2622.
  7.  Please show respect to the land and others at all times.
  8.  YOU MUST STICK TO YOUR ROW ONLY.  Row skippers or those picking only the largest berries will be asked to leave.

Our berries are not sprayed with anything and are grown on our clean, spray free land.

Berries are weighed at the farm store.  2022 prices are $5 per pound U-pick, and 5 Lb. basket is $40.00 picked.  We will only do picked berries for elderly or disabled persons. Please call in advance to arrange at 780-785-2622.

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We expect the first crop to be ready mid to end of July onwards into October.  If you have a large family group you may want to consider booking the field.  You can do this at a fee of $35.00 and of course bring everyone to pick for a booked slot of time.  Call 780-785-2622.  Farm tours are available but call us ahead as we need to be able to plan depending on the size of the group.


We are at 56417 RR 51, Cherhill Alberta, From Edmonton, take Hwy 16W to Hwy 43N, exit right or North, travel to Sec. Hwy 764 at Cherhill, turn right or North for 3 miles, follow the signs to RR51, which is a dead end road.  Follow it to end and park to the left of the steel farm store building.

From Whitecourt, Travel Hwy 43 towards Edmonton, Turn left at Sec. 764 North of Cherhill and follow the signs.

From Barrhead and points North, Take Hwy 33 South to Sec. Hwy 654, travel to Sec 764, turn South (left) to Twp 564, Turn left, follow the signs.

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