BioDynamics Workshop

Hill and Dale is going Biodynamic! We are pleased to add this amazing nutrient enhancing spectrum to our farm and our land. This year we will be working with Shana to increase the already amazing energetics on our farm and take it to a whole new level.

We want to offer an introductory course for those interested in learning what Biodynamic techniques and preparations are and how to use them. We invite you to check it out at our site.

Space is limited, so register today!

Organically Certified Strawberries – Frozen

If you are craving that fresh strawberry taste we delivered on last season, have no fear!! We still have them, Frozen and direct to you. Arrange for pickup at the farm or when we next get to Edmonton and Area. Each bag contains between 4 and 5 lbs. Easily separated for smoothies, or jam or sauces on your ice cream, whatever you like!! $6.50 per pound plus delivery. Call 780-785-2622 for details.

Did you know we sell jams and jellies, hot sauces and other goodies through our farm store in the summer? You bet! In all kinds of variations. Sure to please.

Also, if you are looking for products that will help build your immunity and health, we have them here! Best in class at

We wish you and your family a free 2021, with great health and freedom to be, grow and live in happiness and may all your dreams be fulfilled!

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Strawberries Still!!!

Yes we are still picking strawberries as of Sept 24. Unbelievable year, these berries just won’t stop. Thank goodness! So if you are still interested in getting amazingly tasty fresh strawberries at our UPick, call today 780-785-2622 or drop by on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Mornings. We anticipate full forward until at least the middle of October. We will be away from Oct. 4 to 9 so call 780-785-2625 during that time only.

We are just north of Cherhill Alberta, off Hwy 43. Go North at Cherhill Sec. Hwy 764 and follow the signs.

Thanks for the great year!

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Produce in August and Beyond

We have a lot of wonderful delights coming out of the garden now.  The strawberries are getting their second wind and the cucumbers are abundant as well as the Zucchini of course!!  We have to keep some of each back as seed but as you all know they keep coming.  Pickling cukes, dill and garlic are by special order, call 780-785-2622 to reserve yours.

We have a trial going on in the garden with carrots both red and orange, turnip varieties, Delicata Squash and Radicchio.  If you are interested, you can book a farm tour by calling us ahead so we can ensure Covid compliance.

The corn is just beginning and soon we will have lots.  Lettuce and salad greens are just finishing, but the kale and swiss chard will take over where they leave off.  Our first ripe tomatoes have gone out the Aspen Acres Market Garden’s CSA share boxes, and our second and subsequent ripenings will be snatched up by Stonepost Farms out of Wildwood.

The summer and winter squash are ripening rapidly.  We have spaghetti, green hubbard, turban squash and pumpkins up for grabs for fall.  Put in your order early to ensure availability. And all kinds of potatoes too.  New potatoes are just bagged up and ready for purchase.  Our carrots and beets will start soon and we will have lots come fall.

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We had lots of lemon cukes for seed so will be offering those in the 2021 catalogue, fingers crossed.  Sometimes you think they are setting seed, and it ends up a mystery what happened.

We have had 2 ripe watermelons off the Early Canada’s with more setting all the time.  Let’s work on creating a late fall that allows them time to finish as well as the Japanese Hulless Popcorn!


Also remember that we have farm fresh beef.  Our roasts are succulent and can also be cut into steaks for the barbeque.  They are $9 a pound and about 2 to 3 lbs each.  Will make about 3 steaks if cut.  We have all kinds of roasts and lots of them so order soon.

And all the herbs to go with them, Parsley, dill, thyme, oregano, marjoram, lemon thyme, basil and lemon balm.  Call us for more information at 780-785-2622.

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Alberta Open Farm Days

Alberta Open Farm Days is a province wide event allowing local Albertans to experience farm life for a day.  We will have the farm store open from 9 to 12 on Saturday August 15.  We are also pleased to be involved in a local picnic box offering through which you can experience fine local foods in a charcuterie type format.  Either at Pegg Gardens locally, in Edmonton or Stony Plain.  Check out all the details at:

Get Your Picnic Box Soon!

July 2, 2020

Hello everyone

Berries are ripening this week and on into the coming weeks.  We would say there are alot of berries coming but don’t want to disappoint, so we are going to schedule picking appointments for the first bit.  We will accept 4 appointment at 1 hour intervals and go from there.  To start we will have openings on the hour on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday from 9 to noon.  Then we anticipate we might be picked out for the day.  Please call 780-785-2622 to schedule your time to come.

With COVID we will ask everyone to sanitize their hands prior to picking.  Please bring your own containers, and at this time the patch is quite wet so rubber boots will be required.  As it dries up of course, this will not be the case.  We will give you 2 flags to mark your picking area.  Please respect social distancing and only one customer will be allowed in the farm store at a time. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and we hope you have a great picking experience.

Prepicked berries are available.  See the strawberry main page for details.  Please also review the berry picking rules so we can all be on the same page.  Thanks for your cooperation and patience as we navigate through these strange times.


Beef Packs Available Now

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Selling 50 Lb. freezer packs of lean beef. Pack includes 30 lbs. of lean ground beef, the rest in steaks and roasts.  Roasts are about 3 lbs. each, and the steaks are huge, 1.5″ thick and juicy.  Assortment of those.  We cannot deviate.  $8.50 per pound for this pack.  We also have smaller packs available at 25 lbs.  Price remains $8.50.  Delivery is available at an extra cost. Contact us at smileyo @ xplornet dot ca for more information. SOLD OUT.

Beef brisket also available $9 per pound.  Sizes range from 3 to 6 lbs. Also we have various beef roasts available, average 2-3 lbs.  for $10.00 per pound.  Contact us for availability.

Beef bones for sale $5 each bag of roughly 10 lbs.  Great for soup or dogs!!

Hurry cause they sell out fast.