Farm Stays

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Gone is the time when a community was tied together in mutual need and benefit.  In the olden days people relied on their neighbors not just for food and seeds, bartering for goods of mutual benefit, but the community itself relied on gatherings and get togethers amongst themselves in times when harvest was in or the long winters were upon them.  We still visit each other, but I think something has been lost.

Also, youth of today do not have an appreciation of the amount of work and effort that is required to live off the land, to be reliant upon your own efforts and on efforts of the community to make big projects happen and to help all thrive.  It is a world of supermarkets, instant gratification on your connection to others and Amazon.  Anything you want, you can have for a price.  Technology has improved our lives in many ways, and degraded it immensely in others.  There is an even greater divide among those that have, and those that have not.

If you are seeking a simpler time, or a glimpse into the life of old, without the dangers of an ancient world, we are offering the chance to experience just that.  We offer farm stays of a weekend or longer period, to relax, unwind and unplug and challenge your idea of existence.

Our cabins are off-grid, comfortable and plunked down in the outdoors.  You will have nature just outside your doorstep.  The deer and moose will probably stop by sometime during the day, you can hear the coyotes call to each other late at night or early in the morning.  We are not far away, with warm breakfast and piping hot coffee each morning.  Home cooking is our specialty, just like grandma used to make, or you can bring your own food, prepared over a woodstove or outdoor fire.  We have a garden plot to work in, back wood trails to discover along and guided wild edibles tours.

Offer yourself and your family a chance to turn back the clock.  Experience the world as it once was, wild and free.  Learn about yourself through ample personal time without interference from a technical and disconnected world.  Reconnect to nature.

For information or bookings contact us at 780-785-2622 or by emailing smileyo at xplornet dot ca.  We are one hours drive from Edmonton in Alberta.  We welcome you.              Festival squashes

We strongly suggest you contact us prior to any arrangements to see if we have space. Group sizes depending….

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