Pricing – Small Orders

This is a listing of the prices of the produce we offer.  Will update from time to time.  Availability is expanded this year as we are mostly growing market shares.  Contact us early to ensure you are on the customer list for the summer.  We have a U-Pick now, so you can arrange to come to the farm for picking.

Beans – $5.25 per pound

Peas – $5.50 per pound

Corn, all sweet – $1.00 per cob, ornamental $4 per plant

Celery/Celeriac/Hamburg Parsley/Salsify/Fennel – $3.50 each

Cucumbers – limited quantities of white and green pickling cukes and slicers – $3.50 per pound, slicers $1.50 each

Carrots – $4.00/bunch for orange carrots, $6 per pound for colored or mixed carrots.

Cauliflower – $6 per head

Broccoli – $4.00 for large heads, $3.00 for small, limited quantities, or $3.50 per lb.

Cabbage – $5 per head

Beets – limited quantities – $3.50 per pound red varieties, $5 per pound golden and other colors.

Tomatoes – $3.00 per pound

Peppers – large quantities $16.00/lb..  Sweet green and other colors $1.50 each, hot peppers $0.75 each or $20 per pound.

Potatoes – $1.50 per pound, $2.50 per pound for fingerlings or colored potatoes.

Melons, pumpkins – we have giant carving pumpkins or small pie types, melons and watermelons individually priced from $3 to $10.

Tomatillos – for Mexican salsa – $3.75 per pound

Onions – green bunching $2.00 per bunch, small pickling $5.00 per pound, large eating $4.00 per bunch of 6

Zucchini – $1.50 per pound

Asparagus – $8 per pound

Rhubarb – $5 per pound

Strawberries – see UPick page

Dandelion and other wild greens – $10.50 per pound

Dill, savory, marjoram, thyme, Basil (lemon, lime, cinnamon, regular, very large leaf), oregano, parsley(regular and Italian Dk. Green), Comfrey, cilantro, Mint (Chocolate peppermint, spearmint and Mojave mint), Rosemary, lavender – $4.50 per bundle

Garlic – $18.00 per pound to eat, 5 heads for $7.50

Shallots – limited availability $5.50 per pound

Raspberries – $32.00 per ice cream pail, call first for availability.

Wild mushrooms – by special order only, call for availability and pricing.  Tinctures for medicinal aid are available in the following varieties – Chaga, Birch Polypore, Artist conk (Gandoderma applanatum), Turkey Tail with Cinnabar fungus, Cracked puffball, and a mix of Gandoderma, Turkey Tail and Chaga.  Prices 1 oz. dropper bottles $10, 2 oz. bottles with droppers $20.

Wild blueberries – special order and $45/lb.

Kohlrabi – $3.50 per lb.

Leeks – $4 per bundle

Salad greens, kale, swiss chard and spinach – $5.00 per bag when available.  Also microgreens/sprouts pre-ordered, $6/bag.  Head lettuce including Romaine $5 each.  Leaf lettuce – $4 per head, Spinach $5 per bag, pre-picked.

Gladiolas – $6 per spear, other flowers on a bundle basis, available, sunflowers, zinnias, etc..

Turnips – $2.75 per pound

Radishes – $4.00 per bunch

Parsnips – $4.25 per pound

Jerusalem Artichokes – $14 per pound

Nanking Cherries – $25.00 per ice cream pail, limited quantities. 

Apples and Crab apples – $5.00 per pound

Eggs – limited availability, call first.  Free Range only $6.50 per dozen

Beef products – range by cuts. Grass finished on Certified Organic Land.  Per side bulk orders of $7 per pound, you must pay cut and wrap fee directly to butcher and pick up at their location.  Frozen hamburger $8.00 per pound, other cuts $8.50 to $19.00 per pound.

Plants – pre-orders for tomatoes, bedding plants and the like must be sent in by Feb. 20, for each growing season.  6 packs of vegetables $6, Tomato plants in 6 inch pots $6 each, peppers, eggplants, herbs and various vegetables in 4″ pots are $4 each.

We have potted spruce trees on special order, $15.00 each or $13.50 each for 10 or more if you dig.  They are small, 2-3 year old trees.  We also have limited supplies of Oak (pin), high bush cranberry, raspberries, Nanking Cherry, Pine trees.

Seeds – check out our other site : for the Heritage and Heirloom seed site listing.

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