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Farm shares allow you, as the consumer an in depth look at farm operations and how the food you enjoy is grown or raised.  It means getting to know the people involved, the farm owners as well as other shareholders.  It is a social, win-win situation fostering good relationship to people and the land.

Share prices are set to allow the farm to be viable for the amount of time, labor, equipment and resources that go into the production of food for the season.  It is meant to be fair to all involved.  Your opportunity to participate in work events is important to foster an understanding of what it takes to work the land, prepare the planting spot, maintain the field during the growing season for weed and pest control, irrigation if applicable, and food harvest and preparation for delivery to you, the shareholder.  The season is shorter than you think, the weather variable and the earth willing to provide with a little hands-on care.

Work events are scheduled throughout the growing season.  Each shareholder is required to provide 2-3 participants for 3 events, 2 of their choice and once at harvest time in late September.  Work schedules include transplanting and planting time, and 3 garden maintenance events.  Each event is followed by a potluck social on the farm where we will share ideas about better stewardship, organization, suggestions for the season, and recipes for the produce you are enjoying.  September Harvest is a time when all family members are encouraged to come out and enjoy the farm and our Harvest potluck social.

Parents bringing small children are encouraged to keep in mind that a farm is an unsupervised wild land experience, and we will endeavor to keep your child busy as participant in the work events, but it is up to you to be responsible for them and respective of the nature of the farm.  Pets are not allowed.

The following pages include information about shareholder prices and options.  Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

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