Organically Certified Strawberries – Frozen

If you are craving that fresh strawberry taste we delivered on last season, have no fear!! We still have them, Frozen and direct to you. Arrange for pickup at the farm or when we next get to Edmonton and Area. Each bag contains between 4 and 5 lbs. Easily separated for smoothies, or jam orContinue reading “Organically Certified Strawberries – Frozen”

Strawberries Still!!!

Yes we are still picking strawberries as of Sept 24. Unbelievable year, these berries just won’t stop. Thank goodness! So if you are still interested in getting amazingly tasty fresh strawberries at our UPick, call today 780-785-2622 or drop by on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Mornings. We anticipate full forward until at least the middleContinue reading “Strawberries Still!!!”

Beef Packs Available Now

Selling 50 Lb. freezer packs of lean beef. Pack includes 30 lbs. of lean ground beef, the rest in steaks and roasts.  Roasts are about 3 lbs. each, and the steaks are huge, 1.5″ thick and juicy.  Assortment of those.  We cannot deviate.  $8.50 per pound for this pack.  We also have smaller packs availableContinue reading “Beef Packs Available Now”